TRC English Language Programmes

TRC Centres English Language with IELTS Programme is either a stand-alone programme for students just wanting to learn English Language, or for students who do not have a high enough English language level for entry to TRC Colleges University Pre University Programmes, or for those requiring direct entry to university Bachelor or Masters degrees.


IELTS is the world’s most popular English test as it is used both by universities and immigration/visa departments in many countries including the UK/USA/CAN/AUS/NZ.

Students need extensive practise in all four IELTS skills:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking


as well as familiarity and practise in the IELTS exam format.

  • 15 hours of General English

    • Practise in reading, writing, speaking and listening
    • Improving fluency, accuracy and confidence


    The programme includes:

    • Initial class placement test including grammar, oral and writing
    • Regular progress tests in General English
    • Regular IELTS practice tests with extensive individual feedback from the tutor
    • Regular tutorials with the General English teacher & with the IELTS tutor
    • Progress report giving an assessment of progress in all of the main study areas.



    • 8 hours of IELTS exam practice in order to;
      • Develop a strategy to pass with the highest possible score.
      • Gain practice of all question types in preparation for the exam.


    Total 23 hours