Vacation Programmes

Vacation courses

For those students still at school or college TRC Colleges run Vacation Courses in the UK.

These are usually from 2 weeks duration and are run at prominent centres like Bangor University in the summer vacation period where the students stay in the university hostels, are taught in the classrooms and enjoy all the facilities of the university and surrounding area.

English classes are taught in the morning and activities and tours take place in the afternoon, with some entertainment in the evenings.

“My son, enjoyed his time at
the TRC Vacation Course very much. He made lots of news friends and returned with more confidence and many stories. I highly recommend these wonderful vacation courses.”, China

“I loved visiting the UK and meeting new
friends. We had a fantastic time and I even managed to learn some English!” , Guinea

“We managed to do such a lot in a short
time, the visits and activities were good and of course I loved the shopping. The classes were fun with friendly teachers who made sure we enjoyed learning” , Ukraine

Typical two week programme