Dual UK Award Certification

TRC Colleges UK has a unique agreement with a range of recognised UK Examination Boards to dually recognise overseas institution’s educational awards

We can have any subject at any level co-awarded by a UK examination board

Advantages of UK Exam Boards Endorsing an Institution’s Diplomas and Certificates

  • Receiving assurance and endorsement of the high quality of the study programme
  • In certain situation the opportunity for graduates to be accepted on to a Degree TOP-UP Programme – last year of study for Bachelor and Masters degrees at Universities in the UK
    with this UK dual certification
  • Adding to the CV and potentially landing well-paid and more interesting jobs after graduation through dual certification with a UK Certificate or Diploma



The UK Government
The UK Government grants powers to an independent regularity body and requires them to maintain standards. An independent Select Committee is responsible for maintaining these standards.

Ofqual – the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation
Ofqual uses its powers to monitor examination boards which successfully move through a very rigorous approval process and undergo continuous quality assurance activities.

Awarding Organisations – the Ofqual recognised UK examination boards
Ofqual recognised exam boards are able to deliver, develop and award UK qualifications.

Education & Training Centres – the overseas centres
Through gaining TRC Colleges Satellite Centre status, overseas institutions can demonstrate their institution’s ability to offer their own qualifications and certification which can then be approved and recognised for Dual UK Awards Certification by specific UK examination boards.


How It Works

TRC Colleges has a unique agreement with a range of UK examination boards at very concessionary rates.

  • TRC acts like a “Go Compare Service” and takes and matches your qualification, subject(s) and level to the most appropriate Ofqual registered examination board qualification. You will appreciate that there are thousands of unit combinations and awards for us to match on the UK National Qualifications Framework
  • Once TRC has matched your qualification and course to the most appropriate UK examination board. The UK Examination Board will then scrutinise your own award and assessment processes and if it is satisfied with these, then on this basis it will recognise your standards of assessment and issue their own UK award certification for your
  • Your institution will be recognised through TRC Colleges as a registered TRC Colleges Satellite Centre by the UK examination board for this operation and qualifications approval.


Which UK Exam Boards?

As we have already pointed out there is a wide range of overseas institutional subjects and levels of awards to match and all UK exam boards have different award combinations so it is difficult to say which one unless we go through the actual process with your own awards.

Examples of UK Exam Boards with whom TRC Colleges has agreements;
etc., etc.

Remember it is the matching process for the UK award that is important not necessarily the names of the board, as all are equal under Ofqual and the UK Government

Advantages of Collaboration with TRC Colleges for UK Exam Boards ‘Dual Certification’

  • Your students/learners will gain an easily recognisable UK qualification endorsement of your institution’s own qualification
  • Your learners will have an easier path to higher education and higher qualifications with a recognised UK endorsed qualification
  • Your organization will gain prestige by offering Dual UK Awards;
    TRC Colleges and the selected UK exam board do all the necessary work for your quality progress and qualifications submission in this process
  • It will cost you/your learners the lowest possible fee due to TRC Colleges unique deal with the exam boards
  • It gives a wide range of commercial advantages to your organisation and students.


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